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Walking for Health

Anybody in the world can exercise just as a simple walk around your neighborhood can bring a healthy

body for years too come. look for city park trails that you can utilize your daily exercise walks. Where

loose clothing tennis shoes and always carry a bottle of water with you if you get thirsty. Walking has

many benefits, like losing weight, strong immune system, cut low risk of diabetes, heart attacks, arthritis

on the joints, and even low risk of cancer!! It gives you a peace of mind from stress and depression.

Make it a good habit every week  too go out  for a 30 minute walk until you see improvements in your

daily life. Always keep you head straight and up when walking , start off walking slow at first then pick

up the pace. you can also do squats and pushups along your walking plan too really strengthen your

body. You can even take your dog along for the fun , he would love it . There are good books too read

for walking exercises, like Fitness Walking and Bodyweight exercises on Amazon books. Walking

builds muscles, increase endorphins, strengthens your buttocks muscles. Fitness walking is low impact

way to get fit and stay fit. Walking has low risk of injury and even improves sleep, self-esteem . So

go out and have some fun walking for good health!!! If you can’t go outdoors because of weather

conditions buying a good treadmill machine will be great for walking or your local gym has many

treadmill machines too use.

Shoulder Press with dumbbells

Stand tall with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Hold two dumbbells at shoulder height

with both arms bent and palms facing away from the body. Grip the dumbbells very tight as

possible, press them overhead until your elbows are completely locked. Take a pause and

then slowly lower the weight back to the starting position. Heres a other shoulder exercise

called the shoulder shrug. Grab two dumbbells stand tall , your arms should be at your sides

with palms facing each other. Keep your core tight raise both shoulders upward toward your

ears and a slight backward motion as high as possible. Take a brief pause on the top motion and

then lower the weight back too the starting position at your sides. Here’s a other version of

dumbbell press, sit down in a bench with two dumbbells in each handy your sides shoulder

height then press them up and bring them down and shoulder starting point for desired reps.

Lower Body Calf Raises

Seated Calf Raises, a exercise too strenghten your lower calfs. Grab a pair of Dumbbells and sit on the end

of a gym bench, or a chair at home. Put the balls of your feet on the edge of a step block or weighted plates and rest

the ends of the dumbbells on your thighs close to your knees. Let your heels drop as far as possible without hitting

the floor, and try to feel the tension as you stretch the calf muscles, and slowly raise your heels off the floor as far as

possible. Squeeze your calves and pause and then slowly lower your heels back to the starting position. Too build

calves you have too use a lot of reps because they are red fiber tendons and squeeze for a few seconds at the top of

the movement to add intensity.  You can also do bodyweight barefoot calve raises standing to strengthen your feet and

toes by raising your calves off the floor and stand shoulder-width while exercising your calves for a large amount of reps.

Here is a good exercise calf machine that’s portable and good for calf exercises,  link, Rogers Steward  Extreme II calf machine


Exercise for Health forever! — December 2023  https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=352a86b2

Why do borring Planks!

Why do borring Planks! Be in the best shape and core strength of your life while having fun too!!

Here is a New Innovation exercising tool that works your abs muscles like planks called the Stealth game core. You place your

cell phone on the Stealth core, then as like a regular plank position, play the games as you move your twisting arms and core

muscles too work your abs. Keep your abs tuck in as you play the games while exercising your core muscles, arms and legs

For beginners you can on your knees as you build your core strength shape . You can do them 5 days a week or plan your workouts

when you can do them. Its portable so you take anywhere to workout at the gym in your house. You just set the minutes you want

and have fun. Here is a link to see the Stealth game core,www.STEALTHNATION.COM   https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=352a86b2

Exercise for Health forever! — December 2023

UPPER BODY close grip press and Front Raise

Get a simple bench press, make sure is nice and sturdy, lie on it grasp a weighted barbell with a shoulder-weighted grip. Pinch your shoulder blades together and drive them into the bench. Lower the barbell to your chest with your elbows close to your body. Push the barbell up in a straight line, repeat for a desired reps until tired.  For front raises stand up straight , keep legs shoulder-width apart. Now grab a barbell with palms facing down. Lower your arms by extending your elbows, so your arms hang straight down. Flex your shoulders and raise the weight straight out in front of you .Keep raising your arms until the barbell reaches shoulder height. Repeat for desired reps and sets. Start out slow when doing these exercises with a light weight until you

improve doing the exercise right, and rest about 2minutes between each set. Never use a large amount of weight which you can’t handle could cause a injury. Always carry a water bottle with

you too drink.

Leg Pull-In

Exercise for Health forever! — December 2023This exercise is for your core, lie on the floor with a exercise mat  with your legs extended and your hands palms facing down next to your glutei. Next bend your knees and pull your upper thighs into your midsection until your knees are around your chest level. Return to the starting position.

Heres a other abdominal exercise that’s easy too do and can be done anywhere you go, even in the car, its called vacuums, suck your stomach as much as you can for about 20 seconds or more . Do about two times a day.

An brief welcome to your site (1 paragraph) YOUR STORY

A brief welcome to your site (1 paragraph

  • Hi I’m Sojiel Shahrzad, I’ve been exercising for years, since I was early twenties, I’ve been in good health ever since! Exercise is good for the mind, brain, body, in every day in your life. This bodybuilding takes discipline and patience. There’s thousands of exercises you can do everyday, like isometrics, aerobics, running, jogging, weight lifting, playing a sport, walking, and many others. I’ve been working in a hotel in the housekeeping department for about 8 yrs and I haven’t missed a day due too sickness, because I keep fit on my body and stay healthy. I rarely see a doctor ,and I’m 54yrs old. So I say everyone that wants too prolong their life and stay healthy forever do some type of exercise program along with a good diet nutrition program ,you would be a super hero!!

WHY YOU WANT TO HELP People do you want to help people in your respective niche? (few paragraphs)

I want to help people be in good health in exercising, going to the gym, joining good exercising programs, eating healthy

Show them that you can exercise anywhere ,in your home, job, outside in the park, and have lots of fun with it.

Giving them information how too find good programs too exercise in the internet, cell phone apps, many exercising books with plenty of how too

workout in home and gym. Helping people and giving them acknowledge on how to exercise different forms of exercise is a jewel for many years

too come like walking outside or on a treadmill machine brings weight loss, strong bones, strong heart, mind  and body for many years too come.

A very simple exercise like walking no strain on bones like in weightlifting, no need gym membership, no cost you can do it anytime in a day.

THE GOAL OF YOUR Site it the purpose, goal of your website. (few The goal it to give as much information on the different exercises, to do them correctly. The goal it to be in good health and shape a powerful body, and mind for life! This website is all about exercise in many ways for a healthy

body without giving too a gym membership or buying expensive equipment. Plant a seed of health of body and mind is a nugget to all walks of life in brotherly love!!

All the best,

Shahrzad Shahrzad.


Hello world!

This Website is about Exercising for power losing weight gaining strength ,all kinds of exercises, body weight, barbells dumbbells, 

kettlebells, bands, isometrics, no weights like walking, jogging, sprinting. Informations on exercising  products, will help you

start a new habit in life in years to come for a Healthy life. It will bring you strength stamina , look younger, lots of energy 

stronger lungs, heart kidneys, bone structure, less go too the Doctor, and eat healthy diets, brain healthier. You will be more

focused in everything you do, less ailments and all the benefits you’ll get for exercising for a strong iron body and mind and